Differences that Unites us

This is the post excerpt.

As the sun sets from the east it rises in the west…  As urbanisation started in other countries and is on its peak in this countries so is it starting in others and we are still learning.  We may not be the same because maybe we r black and they are white but atleast we started from somewhere and we are heading somewhere… Because you have something doesnt mean that i cant also have it. So lets just embrace each other and take baby steps together soon we will al be equal. Adios 🙋



The last time i told myself i was flowing on a river that never ends. So today i was about my own business and i noticed i have become a dry river not flowing and not running. I am like water in a well that never moves. I am like water in a dam that is hidden by the walls from the other side, it is barely moving. I stand like a dormant mountain waiting for an eruption that will not come soon. I might not have known myself much but i am ready to make the turn i need to improve my flow. I need my river to be a never ending river, i want to be a forever erupting mountain full of energy. I want to stand and give my testimony of how i unlocked a dam and broke the walls and continued my flow


As i walk down the streets of Moi avenue i notice a small kid approaching me looking quite not what i expected from anyone. The streetsl boy comes to me and ask” uncle sijakula ninunulie kitu ya kukula.” As usual i just ignore the boy but he follows me with this look that just scares me. He asks again n i seem not to listen. As i approach jevanjee a female now approaches me for the same and i simply react the same. I try not to comfort myself that i have done the right thing but according to my experience i know what goes on. But this is what happens with us as “The people “. We ask for sth yet what we get is so little. Like the little boy we just keep asking yet we know what the outcome will be.

But as the people we just keep doing it cause one day we are sure there will be hope. Hope not just for us but hope also for our future. Our political class will never remember us cause to them we are just other people in rugs and black in color. They forget that the black rug did justice for them and put them in that seat. But well what is a rug for u use it to clean your own mess and just dump it when u need it u take it again and use it the same way. As a people lets stand for ourselves for the moment of justice and truth has come.

#The people.


Am tired of facing tjWell, have you ever pretended to do sth that it just becomes normal. Have you ever lied until you now just believe the lie many people believed a long time ago. Well am now tired pretending to be sth am not. I have lived this life so much of a lie that now am not even sure who i am. I don’t know what i want in life. I just live a day as normal as the other. Maybe i have just lived so much of a lie that i am now sure is my truth. I pretend so many things that i am not but i still want to believe in them and live them.. Now the hard part is not just knowing am living a lie but the worst part is reliving the truth. Reliving something new sth am not even used to n I never believed in! Well now you see my face and you now know that am just a fake.

Shake It Off!! 

There are days where u wonder what am i upto coz you cannot just understand what is going on in your life…  I guess having those days is when you are just suppose to rise up shake everything away and show the world who you really are. Its just the same as having a person in your life who never makes sense nor does the person even ever help out.  You just have to continue without them.  Even Christ doesnt let people who are useless in his kingdom to heaven…  So the same way jus shake yourself and start your day once again…  Have an awesome one


The moment you step into your house and turn on the television you might be surprised at what happens in parliament and even in political shows and all that.  The African continent has truly come from far, from the days of dictatorship to now the days of democracy.  Even though we seem to have our troubles we for sure know our progress. But i would like to speak to the leaders who go here and there abusing the other. Have they ever tthought what brings political violence is just the words that they utter. Not even words that other citizens utter but what politicians say is what might ignite the fire. But according to the Bible it says that leaders are people who have been chosen by God.  So why can’t they for once hear and do what the lord says. This will greatly help in uniting the African countries. And bring political stability.